Best Golf Balls 2024

It's very important to choose the right golf ball for you, especially if you are just starting out. It can greatly help your learning, making you feel stronger and improving how well do on the course.

Just imagine your about to tee off, you look down on a ball that matches your ability perfectly. It gives both freedom to make mistakes and lots of distance in the game. Imagine hitting the ball just right and watching it fly through the air. It doesn't fall down but goes where you want it to go. With the right golf ball for you, those moments of joy will happen more often and make your game even better.

Our guide will help you choose the best golf balls out of many choices. We've picked golf balls that can make you play even better than before. We've looked and studied the best golf balls very carefully. We checked every ball to pick a group that is good quality, not too expensive, and works well.

If you want to hit the ball far, aim better or spin it correctly, our suggestions will help guide your journey to finding the perfect golf ball for you. We have searched everywhere to find the best golf balls for your game. They come from popular brands known for their new technology and secret treasures that are a great deal too.


Lets get into the golf balls:

Bridgestone B RXS

Bridgestone B RXS

The Bridgestone B RXS golf ball is great for those looking for more distance. It flies high in the sky, goes far and stay steady in strong winds. It also has a strong cover. In the short game, it feels very soft but not too spongy. It gives great spin which gives you more control and allows you to be flexible with different shots like including chips and bunker shots.

Buy yours now: Bridgestone B RXS (Amazon)


Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway, a famous golf brand known for making top-quality gear used in competitions, came out with the Chrome Soft balls back in 2015.

Later they added two more types: the Chrome Soft X and the Chrome Soft X LS to their range. Out of these, the Chrome Soft X is a great pick that has won many big tour competitions. This is made for hitting the ball far away from tee, spinning well and control near greens.

It's perfect for professional play but for those of you that swing slowly, you might need the Callaway Chrome Soft instead. The Chrome Soft X also gives help with getting the golf ball aimed correctly, by using the 360° Triple Track. This makes putting easier and more effective.


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Callaway SuperSoft

Callaway SuperSoft

We recommend Callaway's Supersoft golf ball if you are a mid-range handicapper looking for a soft-feeling golf. It has built in the 'Paraloid Impact Modifier' designed to improve your overall distance and and the golf balls durability while retaining excellent feel and control over your short game.

The HEX Aerodynamics cover pattern is designed to reduce drag through the wind and increase the lift of the golf ball for improved shot trajectory. Lastly, the Soft Compression Core will enhance energy transfer from golf club to golf ball, resulting in higher ball speed and the perfect combination of high launch and low spin with longer clubs. Its availability in six colours makes it a top choice for winter golf.

This is our 1210 top pick!

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Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel

The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are designed for golfers who are aiming for maximum distance and reduced spin.

These golf balls feature a 'Rabalon HR+ and Pana-Tetra blended ionomer cover', designed to improve your green-side control, as well as an 'energetic gradient growth core' that creates explosive ball speed.

The golf ball has 324 dimples which will reduce drag through your golf shot, resulting in higher trajectory shots onto the green.

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Taylormade TP5X

Taylormade TP5X

In 2017 Taylomade lauched the TP5, and TP5x golf ball which has become a strong competitor to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, for both professional and not handicap golfers. It is also the first five-piece golf ball, but what does that mean? Well, this offers a combination of layers that consistently delivers good distance and optimal spin with every club in your bag.

TaylorMade have not only enhanced the technology within the TP5x golf ball but they have also managed to offer this golf ball at a competitive price. Also available is the TP5 and TP5x Pix option, this includes more vibrant colours as well as alignment aids on the golf ball to assist with putting accuracy.

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Best Winter Golf Balls

The list above also applies to the best winter golf balls, the only exception is, it tends to be easier to spot a coloured ball rather than a white ball in the winter. The golf balls that can have colour variants are usually more popular in the winter.


Best Golf Balls for the new season

If you're looking for the best golf ball you can use to start the new season, our handy article will help you decide. Here we look at the best golf ball available in our opinion, based on the standard of golf you are currently playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is selecting the right golf ball important for beginners?

Finding the best golf ball for your game is extremely important for beginners and can significantly speed up your learning curve, boost confidence, and improve your overall performance on the course.

2. What can I expect when using the best golf ball for my skill level?

Using the best golf ball for your game, will provide you with additional precision, forgiveness, and distance, providing you with improved gameplay.

3. Can I try different golf balls without buying multiple boxes?

Yes, you can try any golf ball you like with our 1210 Golf Ball Box, our boxes offer the freedom to choose the balls you want to try without needing to purchase multiple boxes..

4. Tell me more about the Bridgestone B RXS golf ball.

The Bridgestone B RXS offers excellent long game performance, consistency in distance, and stability in windy conditions. It also provides a soft feel in the short game with exceptional spin for precise control.

5. What makes the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball stand out?

Callaway's Chrome Soft golf balls offer great distance off the tee, as well a exceptional spin and control around the greens. This is a chosen golf ball for many skilled player, even some that play on tour!

6. Who should consider the Callaway SuperSoft golf ball?

Callaway's SuperSoft golf ball is recommended for mid-range handicappers looking for a soft-feeling option. It offers improved distance, durability, and short-game control.

7. What are the key features of the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls?

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls have been designed to provide you with maximum distance and reduced spin. They have a blended ionomer cover for control around the greens and an energetic gradient growth core for explosive ball speed.

8. Tell me about the TaylorMade TP5X golf ball. 

TaylorMade's TP5x golf ball is a five-piece golf ball known for consistent distance and high spin with every club in your bag, giving you more confidence on every shot. It is a strong competitor to all other golf balls and even offers alignment aids for putting accuracy.

9. Where can I purchase these recommended golf balls?

You can purchase any of the golf balls we talk about in this article through the provided Amazon links.


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