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Choosing the right golf ball for your game can make you play better and get higher scores on the golf course. If you're a skilled golfer wanting to get the best results or if you're new and lose lots of golf balls each round, this guide helps you understand what makes the best golf balls. It also assists in picking out one that fits how you play well.

About this article

You don't have to be an expert on golf ball spin rates and golf ball compression, to find your perfect golf ball. This article will concentrate on the essential area to consider when selecting a golf ball, and aims to assist players of all skill levels.

What is the best golf ball?

Every golfer plays differently, you all strike the ball differently and you all want to see a different type of shot when the golf ball leaves the club face, therefore, not every golfer will want the same golf ball. If you're new to golf you may frequently lose golf balls on the course, in which case you will want to prioritise affordability, while other, more skilled players, will want to target optimal performance. This article aims to provide insights into how golf balls function and what they can offer to enhance your game.

Best golf balls for new players

We are classing 'new players' as the people who just started playing the game. You only want to have fun and to hang out with your friends. You might not have a handicap yet.

Most new or casual golf players, about 99%, lose their golf balls. The main and important thing to think about when picking the best golf ball if you're a new player is its cost. No one wants their day ruined by losing many costly, new golf balls.

Another important thing you want your golf ball to assist you with is distance. It may seem simple, but lets face it, the further you can hit a golf ball the more fun your going to have.

When considering the above characteristics, the Srixon Distance 10 Golf ball stands out as our winner, earning our 1210 top pick.

This golf ball offers incredible distance at any swing speed, and is priced at less than £1.30 per golf ball, proving to be an excellent choice.

Srixon Distance 10 Golf ball

Best golf balls for high handicappers

High Handicapper! This is for you! You've played for a while and you now have a handicap, you might still be in the habit of losing balls and seeking increased distance. However, if your aim is to improve your game, it's time to factor in golf ball spin rates.

If you're a high handicapper, it is very common to watch your golf ball slice off of your shots, this can be also be  extremely off putting. While the best way to 'fix a golf slice' is professional lessons, another option can be from using a low-spinning golf ball. A golf ball that generates minimal spin upon impact will produce less sidespin, less sidespin means less tendency to swerve to the right (if you're a right handed golfer!).

A piece of advice for high handicappers: A low spinning ball is the best golf ball for you.

The Titleist Velocity 2022 Golf Ball takes the spot as our 1210 top pick. This low spinning and long distance golf ball, stands out as the best golf ball selection for golfers seeking to enjoy a round of golf without losing so many balls.

Titleist Velocity 2022 Golf Ball

Best golf balls for low handicappers

Here we are classing a low handicap below 10.0. If you are in this group, you can step onto any first tee with confidence, with an aim to shoot around 10 over par or better.

But you too can quickly improve your game and lower your scores, to do this, you'll need to look for a high-spinning golf ball, that offers long distance, and consistency. These characteristics are key to selecting the best golf ball for your game.

As far as we're concerned, this is an easy choice, and is proven by its status as the number one golf ball on tour. Hence, our 1210 top pick is the Titleist Pro V1.

While expensive, and the cover marking easily, these are minor downside when measured against the benefits it will offer both you and your golf game.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Best golf ball

The above article helps to determine the best golf ball for each handicap level. We also delve into the overall best golf ball in general. 

We're excited to introduce our 1210 Golf Ball Box, giving you the freedom to choose the golf balls you want without the need to purchase multiple boxes for experimenting with different types.

Just purchase a box, reply to our email with the balls you want included and they be shipped straight to your door!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best golf ball for me?

Every golfer has different preferences and needs, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. Some prioritise affordability, while others aim for the best performance. 

2. What does this article cover?

This article focuses on, in our opinion, the best golf balls for all different players with different skill levels, without delving into technical details like spin rates and compression. It provides practical advice for everyone.

3. What should new players look for in a golf ball?

For new or social golfer, the main considerations should be price and distance. Losing balls is common, so affordability is a must. We recommend the Srixon Distance 10 Golf Ball as it offers just that! Great distance at an affordable price.

4. What about high handicappers?

High handicappers, who may be struggling with slices, should look for low spinning golf balls. These golf balls will reduce sidespin and therefore help you control your shots. The Titleist Velocity 2022 Golf Ball is our top pick for high handicappers due to its low spin rate and long distance.

5.What's the best choice for low handicappers?

Low handicappers (handicap under 10.0) will benefit most from a low spinning, long distance, and consistent golf ball. The Titleist Pro V1 is our top pick. While it comes at a higher price and the cover can mark easily, its positives far outweigh the negatives.

6. Can I find more technical details about golf balls?

Absolutely! If you're interested in more in-depth information about golf ball spin rates and compression, you can read our comprehensive guide on how a golf ball works.

7. Are there affiliate links for the recommended golf balls?

Yes, affiliate links are provided for your convenience. Clicking on the links will direct you to trusted retailers where you can purchase the recommended golf balls. These links support the maintenance of this informational resource.

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