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Accrington & District Golf Club, Devon Avenuem Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, BB5 4LS

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Q: When was Accrington & District Golf Club founded?
A: The club was founded over 125 years ago in 1893.

Q: Where was the original golf course located?
A: The original 9-hole course was situated on top of the Coppice, overlooking the town of Accrington, and was built by Mr. James Birtwistle.

Q: When was the first round of golf played at the club?
A: The first round of golf was played at the end of August 1893.

Q: When did the club move to its current location?
A: The club moved to its current site in 1908 after vacating the Coppice site.

Q: When was the current 18-hole course opened?
A: The current 18-hole course was formally opened in 1928 after re-arranging the old 9 holes.

Q: Who helped redesign the course to improve its layout?
A: The services of James Braid were enlisted to “tighten up the course” and improve its layout.

Q: What are some of the major improvements made to the clubhouse and course?
A: Major improvements include the erection of the existing clubhouse in 1914, an extension in 1934, the construction of the gents locker room in 1966, and a major extension in 1989 for the dining area and Ladies locker room. Additionally, an automatic watering system was installed in 1991, and gravel banding was added to all greens in the winter of 1999/2000 to improve drainage.

Q: How does the course accommodate year-round play?
A: Thanks to the introduction of gravel banding for drainage, the course allows for year-round play except during frost and snow conditions.

Q: What does Accrington Golf Club pride itself on?
A: Accrington Golf Club prides itself on maintaining a quality 18-hole course that is challenging yet enjoyable for players of all levels, thanks to the efforts of our dedicated ground staff.